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for Jewish Women Entrepreneurs
 Join our sisterhood of Jewish Women Entrepreneurs from Israel and around the world
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Our next Networking MeetUp is happening on
Wednesday, December 8th
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8:00 PM Israel Time
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Here is what the Global Online Business Network
is offering you
If you are
  • A Jewish Woman Purpose Driven Entrepreneur

  • Living in Israel or anywhere in the world

  • Wanting to connect with other like minded entrepreneurs

  • Wanting to belong to a sisterhood

  • Interested in increasing your global reach of potential clients

  • Interested in finding Partners from all around the world
Join us to
  • Broaden your network of like minded purpose driven entrepreneurs

  • Connect with other professionals and have the opportunity to know each other better

  • Share knowledge, information, skills, and resources

  • Brainstorm ideas with other professionals

  • Support each other in growing your business and finding new clients

  • Create International Strategic Partnerships or Joint Ventures
How does it work?

How does the Global Network work?

  • The Monthly Networking MeetUps happen every first Wednesday of the month
  • The next MeetUp is happening on December 8th at 8pm [Israel time]
  • The MeetUps are happening on Zoom and they last between 90 min to 2 hours
  • There will be a Contact Sheet for to connect with the other Members  after the MeetUp

How does each MeetUp work?

  • We start the MeetUp by going around, so that each Member can give their One Minute Presentation
  • Then, we have an In-Depth Presentation of one of the Member, so we have more information on their business
  • Then, we go into BreakOut Rooms to network and exchange in smaller groups
  • Then, we come back for Special Announcements or promotions that the Members want to share
What other Members say:
"Until now, I did not realise how much we used to meet people in “real life” and how we were able to talk about our business with those people before COVID.
That’s why this Online Networking event is so important, because it replaces that natural form of connection. 
Thank you for providing this important service to entrepreneurs!" 
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Nadia Jacobson
Founder at WriteSpace Jerusalem
"I really enjoyed meeting other entrepreneurs who have different businesses. Because I am new to Israel I am always interested to meet new people. 
And it was really wonderful to meet people that do different things but where it still resonate with each of us" 
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Hannah-Valeria Grishko
Psychotherapist, Sandplay Therapist, Teacher and Mentor
"It was really interesting to meet new people and to have access to their networks as well! We really connected as a group and we helped each other. I loved it! Thank you Nathalie!"
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Sarah Eiferman
Owner and Founder at EifermanRealty
A little more about me

I am Nathalie Garson and I am a successful heart-centered Business Strategist and Mentor based in Jerusalem, CEO of the Born To Do Business and Leader of the Born To Do Business Global Community on Facebook.

My passion is to empower purpose-driven women entrepreneurs to align with their Born To Do by growing and scaling their business, so that they can live a fulfilled life, be financially successful and have a greater impact in the world. 

I am deeply moved by this opportunity to realise my lifelong dream to bring together Jewish Women Entrepreneurs from Israel and around the world in this Global Online Business Network to support each other and to create ripple effects of good in the world.

By joining the next MeetUp of the Global Online Business Network you will create unique and precious relationships with other Jewish Women like-minded entrepreneurs from all around the world, which will not only help you grow your business but also offer you the opportunity to create new friendships! 

Here is how to register

In order to participate in the next Networking MeetUp on December 8th of the Global Online Business Network, fill in the form below with your information

Please note:

  • You must have a business with paying clients to participate
  • Participation to the next MeetUp is free of charge
  • The number of places is limited

If you have more questions on this Global Online Business Network, please contact us at and we will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

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